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What I Do

I help people leverage their current finances to generate passive income, and increase their certainty and confidence with their financials to free up their time.

How Is It Different?

Your typically financial advisor or planner will not set you up to create residual streams of income to become financially free. I know because I used to be the typical financial advisor. They specialize in setting up controlled accounts that you save money into, cross your fingers and hope that someday you will have saved enough to draw money from and make it 30 years through “retirement”.

I want my clients to achieve time freedom. The only way to make that a reality is to put the focus on creating residual income (income that comes in regularly without having to trade time for money). Whether that is a 5 year plan or a 20 year plan, my clients have a sense of certainty that it will happen!


Who I Work With

I currently work with roughly 35-40 families and individuals for the past 2.5 years. Some may be starting out with little in the asset column, others in debt, while others are nearing or in retirement and looking for a safe, predictable, income stream and searching for a new beginning in retirement.

In two years of working with Dan, I have become debt free, began a savings plan and am on track to become financially free with building residual income to allow me to free up my time to spend more time with my children in the next 5 years.

Marla, St. Cloud

Mark was able to increase his retirement income using investments backed by real estate producing fixed income that, combined with Social Security, exceeds his monthly income need and is able to live his life without worrying about running out of money.

Mark, St. Cloud

Drop Me a Line

If you resonate with any of these beliefs or know of anyone that would interested in creating a path for financial freedom to live the life you were chosen to live, I would like the opportunity to help you in this journey.

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