Over the years, we tend to accumulate financial products based on different life events and financial decisions. This can lead to disorganization and a lack of coordination in our financial life. 

How do you know for certain that what you’ve been told and sold over the years is the right thing for you?

The problem is this leads to losses and wasted money that we are unaware of!  If you haven’t been educated on how to coordinate financial decisions, you are most likely on track to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily.  

At Dan Kramer Inc, we can help you orchestrate your finances with no cost to you and teach you how to recover these losses with no out of pocket expenses! What do you have to lose?

Video Transcript: Financial Junk Drawer

okay so today I’m gonna talk to you
about the financial junk drawer so what
is the financial junk drawer this is a
state of finances that I find a lot of
my clients and we all fall prey to at a
time as time but it’s this idea that
over time you’ve accumulated different
products and investments and insurance
and debts and you you know you have them
you hope that they’re helpful you hope
that they’re doing what they’re supposed
to but nobody ever taught you how to
organize or coordinate them or how they
should be working together and it
creates this state of unorganized chaos
right and we call it the financial junk
drawer because if you think about the
junk drawer in your kitchen you know
right next to the stove or the fridge
you pull that out and there’s just a
bunch of stuff in there right you’ve
thrown in there at different times you
know you have it but you can’t really
find it when you need it you don’t
really know if it’s valuable for you
anymore you don’t know when you’ll use
it that’s kind of what people fall into
with their finances it creates this
kind of guessing game as to if they’re
gonna have enough and for finances if
they’re going to if it’s positioned
properly and so I want to share with you
today why this is a problem you know why
this takes away wealth for my clients
and why this could lead to losses
ongoing in their life and yeah hopefully
help you identify if you’re living in a
financial junk drawer so that you can
make the decision to change make the
decision to improve so let me share here
something here we go so how do we fall
into the financial junk drawer we talked
about it a little bit but over time we
go through life and decisions and your
finances are made with different people
at different times and under different
circumstances this leads to a lack of
I’m not saying it’s wrong it’s just how
do you test and measure everything that
you’ve been told and sold to make sure
it’s most efficient for you right and
we’ll talk about in future video is
about what the solution is and how to
overcome this but just for the sake of
getting into this position why is this
bad well this results in your assets and
your decisions being uncoordinated not
integrated so this this they were never
tested you know upon one another so you
know while this decision might be good
and this one might be good if they put
them together it could lead to losses I
mean you could literally be setting
yourselves up to lose hundreds of
thousands of dollars and you never
really you don’t even know it’s just
unnecessary and it’s unknowing right cuz
nobody ever taught you how they should
be working together a lot of times it’s
people’s opinions you know you hope and
trust that the opinions are correct but
if you don’t have a way to test and
measure them against each other
that opinion might work for so-and-so
but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you
right so even though people are given
their best opinions you don’t want to
fall into this blanket statement
finances where every plan works for
everybody because that’s just not true
you know you have different life you
have different wishes you have different
things you want to accomplish and so you
need to have a process that basically
puts you in control of those decisions
so you can test and measure them once
again one upon each other it’s usually
needs based we’ll talk about this needs
or goals base you hear about the needs
and goals based financial planning that
doesn’t work in my opinion I’m giving my
opinion this this process you want to be
able to test them right and I tell
people that do don’t trust what I say
let’s test it as you go through this
process right because your your
situation is different you know and how
do we know the needs in the future
you know thirty years ago
we didn’t have any of the technological
stuff we’re dealing with today you know
30 years from now how do we plan for
that how do we know what we’ll need you
know in the future the goals your goals
change so the process wants to set you
up to be in the maximum financial
potential you can today so you can adapt
and change as you need to without losses
occurring so that’s I’m jumping into the
solution a little bit but that’s that’s
what people really should be could be
striving for not just hypothetically in
the future and yeah obviously there’s
disorganization and you just you can’t
find stuff when you need it and this
leads to losses and problems in their
financial life so we call this the
financial junk drawer if this resonates
with you if you feel like over time
you’ve been told and sold things but you
never really educated and how they
should be going together and being
integrated you may be living in a
financial junk drawer which is going to
lead to losses in your life so if this
was helpful at all
let me know if there’s future videos or
questions or specific issues that you’re
facing in your life I’d be more than
happy to help out or if you want a video
in the future to help you know let me
know as well
we’re always receiving feedback I
appreciate it thank you


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