The Financial Junk Drawer?

You know that you have certain financial products in your “drawer,” but no one has ever taught you how to coordinate all of the products for maximum efficiency. This causes lost revenue in your life, a leaky portfolio, if you will. The problem isn’t that you have too many investments either. Rather, every financial decision was made one at a time, with different people, at different times in your life, and usually under different circumstances, which is the equation for the “financial junk drawer.” It is my goal to simply educate you on how to organize and structure your finances to be most efficient with every dollar you encounter in your life. We will take every item out of “the drawer” and prioritize it, maximize it and leverage it.

“I promise, this process will strategically slow the unnecessary and unintentional leakage in your financial portfolio with no out-of-pocket cost.”

Silver Financial Journey

The Journey To Financial Independence

Our Five Step Process Is Easy To Follow, Yet It Still Takes Work.

Everyone wants to achieve financial independence at some point in their life, becuase financial independence allows you room to make choices based on the merit of the decision, as opposed to making decisions based on the dollar bill, whether or not you can afford the payment. A lifestyle of decisions founded on whether or not you can pay your monthly bills eventually collapses when the product loses value or your circumstances suddenly change. 

Dan Kramer Inc focus’ on a long-term strategy helping clients achieve financial stability and financial indepenedence. 

1. Discover: Start

It is my goal to take my clients through an educational process, where they learn how every financial decision they’ve ever made, and will ever make, should be coordinated to be as effective and efficient as possible with every dollar invested.

The initial discovery phase is critical, as I earn most of my business through referrals. Skepticism is the number one road block I face with new clients. I understand that skepticism is rooted in the past financial decisions these prospective clients have made. This prevents trust in the financial industry and places confusion between the client and their goals. If this sounds like you, then you will appreciate the discovery phase.

Whether you and I meet via phone, or in person, my goal is to find out where you have been and what you have done. I want to understand the financial problems you are faced with, and identify your concerns. This transactions is associated with “risk,” no doubt, there is not a guarantee, but I want to prove your confidence in my guidance.

2. Identify: Organize

As we move into the Identify Stage you will be required to complete a tiny homework assignment. This is a client round-up, or the “Fact Finder.” The goal is to gather and locate ALL of your financial investments, policies, life plans and documentation, bank account records, debt statements, etc. In other words, we are clearing out the financial junk drawer. Together, we will sift through all the statements and information. This is a very hands-on approach to bring clarity and understanding to your past financial decisions. Once we develop a clearer picture of where you are at, we can begin to identify gaps or holes in your financial journey.

I will prepare for the Visualize Phase by entering your information into software that will easily and visually map out specifically where your financial decisions have led you. Fear not, this isn’t some magic software that will just start kicking out money, I chose to use the software simply as a way to track where you are visually and to better show progression and results into the future.

3. Visualize: Strategic Analysis

The Visualize Phase, or Present Position Meeting,” is usually enjoyed the most by both the client and myself. This is where you and I open up the software and physically, for the first time, look at your financial position completely organized on one sheet of paper. Every financial decision will be obvious and clearly showcased for you to see. Then we begin our journey and future strategy session. In these future meetings I will never tell you what to do, but I will provide education and likely scenarios for you to consider as a means of creating strategies to enable you to achieve your financial goals faster. With this visual aide, you will be better equipped to verify and test each financial decision you make moving forward. We will also be able to verify and test you past financial decisions looking for inefficiencies to which we can patch and plug those holes to recover hundreds or thousands of dollars. Sometimes financial recoveries happen immediately and sometimes they take longer over the course of life.
4. Implementation: Action

The Implementation Stage happens over a series of meetings where together we discuss different scenarios and strategies. Strategies that may recover losses, add financial benefits, reposition decisions, add wealth & cash flow, or reduce debt. Again, I will not tell you what to do, however, I will guide you by playing out various scenarios in an effort to help you see further into the future to generate more money while reducing risk.
5. Achieve: Protect, Grow, Enjoy

Finally, the Achieve Phase is the ongoing effort to reevaluate your progress. An effort to revisit your goals, make adjustments as life events happen. To continue to solidify what is working and modify what has changed. This is NOT a typical 30-year financial plan. A thirty-year plan physically can not sustain itself, because we can not predict what the future holds. Rules change, governments change, policies change, life changes, your income changes, economy changes, and our health changes. That is why I like to call this the “30x 1-year plan.” Every time we get together, we are to reassess and build out plans geared to your current life situation. This will create efficiency and a better use of your financial investments. This eliminates the financial junk drawer.

What you’ll find, is you’ll have more control of your money and you’ll build more wealth with less risk by walking through this process.

Why I Subscribe To This Methodology

When I was introduced to this process and began to study and learn this model, several years back, it took the guesswork out of personal finances and gave me action steps that I could implement to repair and build client’s portfolios without requiring large upfront investments. It also has measurable and predictable results. It is transparent and keeps you in control of your portfolio within a guided strategy. Financial Failure Simply is Not an Option.

Identifying becomes your identity.

What is your financial identity?

Financial Identity = Sum of all Your Decisions Up To Date

This is why I established Dan Kramer Live On-Demand YouTube Channel, I wanted to establish a way to communicate and openly share dialogue with individuals like you. Join me each week on YouTube and share your perspective in the comment section. 

My wife and I kept waiting for the pitch. Dan Kramer spent nearly four hours with us, sorting all our investments and financial statements. After it was organized, the solution became obvious. Two years later, my wife and I have reduced our debts by 47% and have merged several policies to reduce rates through bundled plans. Dan has yet to send us an invoice for his time. That is spectacular.

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