Financial Independence Is Achievable

Focusing on the wrong things is the quickest way to lose your time and money.


I Believe It Too

Unlock Your Assets

I believe that time and relationships are more valuable than money. I help people free up their time by creating residual streams of income.

Freedom to Choose

I believe that until you learn how to make money work for you, it will be impossible to achieve financial freedom.

Financial Security

I believe that having an abundant mindset and lifestyle will open the doors for opportunities and increased spiritual, physical, and financial wealth.

In two years of working with Dan, I have become debt free, began a savings plan and am on track to become financially free with building residual income to allow me to free up my time to spend more time with my children in the next 5 years.

Marla, St. Cloud

Mark was able to increase his retirement income using investments backed by real estate producing fixed income that, combined with Social Security, exceeds his monthly income need and is able to live his life without worrying about running out of money.

Mark, St. Cloud

Think you know financial strategy?

How to overcome an easy childhood?

There are many people who have achieved enormous success in their lives and have come from nothing, and many times much less than nothing. Many times, successful tell their story of an abusive past, extreme poverty, drug problems, no parents, and the list goes on....

Perfection, is it really a good thing to strive for?

How many of us have had good ideas, but never got around to doing them? How many of us wanted to do something or start something or share something with others and just never got around to it because the timing wasn’t perfect or the content was perfect? I know I have....

Highlight Reel vs. Reality

Do you journal? Do you look back at the ups and downs that have lead you to where you are? You don’t have to go out and start a full blown blog or write a novel, but I would recommend taking some time and writing out your thoughts on paper. Write out your goals,...

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If you resonate with any of these beliefs or know of anyone that would interested in creating a path for financial freedom to live the life you were chosen to live, I would like the opportunity to help you in this journey. Please click below and choose a date and time for a 15 minute call. I would love to see if we’re a good fit!