The Financial Junk Drawer?

We all have that drawer in the kitchen that gets filled with random items we call the junk drawer. Well, that happens in our finances too. Over the years, we are told and sold different financial products by different people at different times… This ultimately leads to a financial junk drawer. You hope you have the right products, but were never taught how to organize your different financial pieces so they were working in a coordinated manner to be as effective as possible. 

Living in a financial drawer for too long WILL lead to financial losses in your life! 

By organizing your finances, you will recover money and wealth with no cost to you. What do you have to lose? 

Silver Financial Journey

The Journey To Financial Independence

We Walk with You Through a Financial Process of Education and Action.

Money has no use until you are able to spend and enjoy it the way you want to, with whom you want to, and when you want to. The problem is most people lock themselves out of the use and enjoyment of their financial resources with little to no knowledge of how it will benefit them. Our process will help you as the client to unlock your assets, get in more control of your resources, and be in a position to maximize every dollar in each of the three phases of your financial life: Accumulation (wealth building), Distribution (retirement years), and Preservation (making sure you don’t outlive your money and your legacy)

The process at Dan Kramer Inc focuses around your wish list with the goal of maximizing your wealth, your benefits, and lowering your risk! 

1. Discover: Start




The first interaction in the process is the introduction. This is where we spend a few minutes getting to know each other to see if we have a common interest in working with one another. 

There is NO COST in working with Dan Kramer Inc and this financial process. As we work through your process of financial improvement, there most likely will be strategies that you will want to take action on and at that time, there may be products or referrals that will be made that will compensate Dan and his team for their time. 


This first meeting or conversation is uncovering if there is an interest, a problem, or a concern in your finances that Dan and his team will be able to help you improve upon! 


2. Identify: Organize



The Organize phase is what I call the fact finder. This is where we need to start the process of understanding what your current financial picture looks like. You wouldn’t go into a doctor and let them start performing an invasive surgery without first getting very clear on the problem at hand… maybe after labs and imaging to confirm the best treatment options.

It should be the same in your finances… In order for us to get a clear picture on what is the best course of action for you, we need to spend a bit of time getting very clear on your current situation, what your shooting for and hoping to achieve, and how you got in the position you are in

We begin to build your wish list of what you truly want in this meeting, and many times, you walk away with more knowledge and education than you have ever had in your financial life. 


3. Visualize: Strategic Analysis


The Visualize Phase is arguable the most valuable meeting you may have ever had in your life up to this point. For most, if not all of my new clients, this is the first time that they are able to see ALL of their financial decisions on one page in an organized manner. Investments, Debts, Insurances, Savings, Assets, Income… and more all on one page.

We take a few moment to review your position and make sure the information is accurate. From there, we can enter into the conversation on how to build an ideal model that is set up to avoid failure, but also set you up to maximize the use of your dollars! This is where it gets fun. 

Did I mention that ever financial move you make through our process is achieved with no out of pocket costs to you! Also, we are able to test and measure that each move will in fact add wealth, lower risk, and maximize your benefits. I tell my clients all the time, you are the salesman in this process, my job is to educate. If it doesn’t make sense and do all the things we said it would, then don’t do it! 


4. Implementation: Action



The Implementation step of the process can happen over a few meetings depending on the complexity of your situation. Some people are looking to increase savings, some to lower taxes, some to add assets, lower debt, add insurance, get into their first house, etc… the list is endless, so the strategies and ideas are specific to the wish list of you. 

Every meeting will end with my team sending out a follow up email with an action list to be completed before the next meeting. This ensures that it’s not just about talking, but rather focused around action to make sure we are working to financial improvements in your life. 

This is also why over 80% of my new clients are referrals. My clients get results that are missing the in the typical financial industry and they are happy to share this process with their friends! 


5. Achieve: Protect, Grow, Enjoy



The Last step is more of an ongoing check in to make sure your journey is accomplishing your wish list. This is not a sales process to get you to buy something and then never talk to you again unless their is something more to sell. This is truly a process to keep you in control, help you to get the things you tell me you want, and do it in the most financially effective way possible. 

What I’ve found is people over exaggerate what they can do in one year, and under estimate what is possible for them in 3-5 years. The beauty of the wish list is that it evolves with my clients. Their mindset is growing as they continue through their process and they start to realize that with a process that eliminates failure, puts them in control, and shows them strategies to unlock their assets, their income, and their potential, they start to understand why anything is possible for them!  

The Wealthy Live by a different Philosophy in Finances

The Initial building block to getting ahead financially is your mindset. Many times, people are telling themselves things that are limiting their ability to build wealth, make an impact, and truly make a difference. 

The goal with the podcast, the YouTube channel, and the financial process is to help break down the barriers in the mindset of my clients. 

Saying things like, “I can’t afford that” is a limiting statement. Switch your words to, “How can I afford that?” and watch what happens overtime… you will become a problem solver that searches for information! The mindset is so powerful and as humans, we are capable of so much, if we continue to ask the right questions, surround ourselves with people that lift us up, and avoid taking advice from those that have given up on themselves. 

My wife and I kept waiting for the pitch. Dan Kramer spent nearly four hours with us, sorting all our investments and financial statements. After it was organized, the solution became obvious. Two years later, my wife and I have reduced our debts by 47% and have merged several policies to reduce rates through bundled plans. Dan has yet to send us an invoice for his time. That is spectacular.

James & Beverly Newhaul

The 4F Forum Podcast

Dan Kramer and Ryley Smith bring you the 4F Forum Podcast where we discuss ways to build a maxed out life in all areas of Faith, Family, Fitness and Finances. Many times, we think of the super wealthy as having to sacrifice the things that are important, such as their faith, or their family life, or maybe their physical and mental health to get ahead financially.

We created this podcasts to challenge that idea and keep our priorities aligned as we work towards building a life we can be proud of in all areas. And we hope we can inspire you all to come along and get inspired too!

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